Jeremy Rishe, on set, Jewtah


Time has helped to instill a deep appreciation for the simplest of life's moments. The natural world is a curiosity that captivates my attention ceaslessly, and our human place within it only complicates the matter. Various circumstances have brought me through the memories of the past, to the here and how; too many to state.

But some of the things I've made along the way  are listed here...

I co-wrote & produced the comedy feature JEWTAH, coming to theaters later this year, distributed by Menemsha films. This is the third feature I've co-written & star in; previous such credits include The Weekend, & The Last 48.

In 2012 I helped form Kids Creative Collective, inc, bringing tuition free theater arts training to young people from various walks-of-life.

As a founding partner of Third Wing Media, from 2011-2019, I helped produce various productions: First World Problem, 12 Months of June, Couples, & Dinner with Mom.

I've also participated in the following outreach projects: Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom, Norma & American Journey.


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