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Various circumstances have brought me to the here and how. One such memory: I'm three years old; enacting the role of Jiminy Cricket at Buttons and Bows preschool. The boy playing Pinicchio started to cry - his fake nose was digging into his face, causing him pain. I calmly thought to my young self... he doesn't have a chance in this business.

Some of the things I've made along are:

The co-creation of HomoSapiens, a show about humans. Co-writing & starring in the oddball comedy feature JEWTAH. Helping form Kids Creative Collective, inc, which brings tuition free theater training to under-served young artist nationally. Two more feature co-writing credits: The Weekend, & The Last 48. A number of other "new media" projects: Saint Sarah Shorts, First World Problem, 12 Months of June, Couples, & Dinner with Mom. And instigating various socially relevant art projects: American Journey,  Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom, & Norma.

More About Jeremy: Bio
12 Months of June -  (Episode 3) - "Client One"
Jewtah Reel
Jewtah BTS 7.5 mins
JEWTAH teaser (actor, writer, producer)
Norma (writer, director, actor)
on camera circa 2014
We Are the Interns, ep. 2 (director)
More About Jeremy: Videos
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