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Time continues to instill in me a deeper appreciation of being alive. The natural world is a curiosity that captivates my attention ceaselessly, and our human place within it only complicates the matter. Various circumstances have brought me through memories, to the here and how. One such memory: I'm three years old; enacting the role of Jiminy Cricket at Buttons and Bows preschool. The boy playing Pinicchio started to cry - his fake nose was digging into his face, causing him pain. I calmly thought to my young self... he doesn't have a chance in this business.

Some of other of the things I've done along the way, so far, are:

Co-creation of the human extrapolation HomoSapiens Writing & starring in the oddball comedy feature JEWTAH.

 Helping form Kids Creative Collective, inc, which brings tuition free theater training to under-served young artist nationally.

When web-series were thing...

Saint Sarah Shorts, First World Problem, 12 Months of June, Couples, & Dinner with Mom.

Two more feature writing credits: The Weekend, & The Last 48.

And instigating various socially relevant art projects: American Journey,  Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom, & Norma.

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12 Months of June -  (Episode 3) - "Client One"
Jewtah Reel
Jewtah BTS 7.5 mins
JEWTAH teaser (actor, writer, producer)
Norma (writer, director, actor)
on camera circa 2014
We Are the Interns, ep. 2 (director)
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