Jeremy Rishe, on set, Jewtah


Time continues to instill in me a deeper appreciation of being alive. The natural world is a curiosity that captivates my attention ceaselessly, and our human place within it only complicates the matter. Various circumstances have brought me through the memories to the here and how; too many to state.

But some of the things I've done along the way, so far, are...

Co-creator of the pandemic extrapolation HomoSapiens.  Co-writer, star & producer of the oddball comedy feature JEWTAH

In 2012 I helped form Kids Creative Collective, inc, bringing tuition free theater training to under-served young artist nationally.

Other various New Media creations: First World Problem, 12 Months of June, Couples, & Dinner with Mom. And two more feature writing credits: The Weekend, & The Last 48.

I've also participated in the following socially guided projects: Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom, Norma & American Journey.


©2018 by Jeremy Rishe.